Boe Elizabeth Roberts is a Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist who specializes in counseling children and young adults.  She works with an integrative theoretical approach, which culminates in the clients deep personal awareness.  Ms. Roberts studied Professional Psychology at John F. Kennedy University where she earned a Masters Degree emphasizing Expressive Art Therapy.  She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she focused on ‘at risk’ youth and their relationship within their community.

Ms. Roberts has extensive experience with young children, teens and their families. She has spent years focusing on work with young people whose backgrounds include divorce, foster care or adoption, drug and alcohol addiction, and deep familial patterns of mental health disorders.  She has also spent many years working specifically with youth with special needs, eating disorders, body image issues, and those struggling with learning disabilities.  Ms. Roberts has specialties in Play and Art Therapy, conducting sessions using a non-directive, internally focused, child centered approach.  Ms. Roberts also offers regular support groups for youth and children in the community.

Ms. Roberts works diligently, creatively, and sensitively to meet the needs of her clients and help them make lasting positive changes.  She is passionate about enhancing her clients emotional health, and strengthening their personal awareness.

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